Too Much Advice?

I wonder if a source of anxiety for many of us is the abundance of advice available online.

The difficulty with searching for advice online is that these people who are giving the advice don’t know my situation. They are actually opinions more than advice, which makes most of it completely irrelevant.

This has been an important realization for me as I’ve been thinking about my own content creation. I’ve made hundreds of videos, written hundreds of articles, and shared my thoughts on social media thousands of times over the last 15 years.

I am reconsidering the sort of content I publish. Rather than sharing opinion/perspective/advice, I’m interested in sharing information based on research. And, not for the purpose of giving advice, but for the purpose of educating.

I love to learn and teach. And, I think it will be refreshing to share more academic content, founded in real research rather than perspective, intuition, and experience alone.

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