Take a moment to evaluate what is important to you. What is really important? What are you really grateful for?

What if all those things were taken away from you?

Would you still be grateful? Could you give thanks for today?

The single greatest difference between someone who is happy and content, and someone who is miserable, is gratitude. A deeper level of joy will be experienced when you are thankful on a daily basis for what you have and who you are.

One Step to Increasing Gratitude

Stop comparing.

When you compare your circumstances to others, you immediately shift from gratitude to envy or pride. You either think of yourself as worse off or better off than others. Neither of these attitudes produces a thankful heart.

A truly thankful heart will look at others not in order to compare but to empower. Empowerment to fully live and enjoy what today brings.

Try to look at yourself with a non-judgmental attitude. Instead of saying, “this is good and this is bad,” say, “This is what I have and I am thankful for it.”

You’ll be amazed at the effect it has on you.


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