Jesus provides us with a new source of joy: himself.

We are not satisfied with the things that our sinful nature craves because we are only completely satisfied with Jesus as our source of joy.

This is a hard thing to grasp. How do we actually experience this joy? How do we live in a way that makes Jesus our greatest treasure and source of joy? With thanksgiving and remembrance…

In Psalm 107, we are reminded that God has been faithful in the past, and his steadfast love will endure forever. Verse 22 says, “let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy!

The Psalms are filled with a call to remember what God has done, how he has fulfilled his promises. When our days are filled with gratitude for the faithfulness of God, no trouble will rob our joy. In this world, there will be times of great darkness, pain, and grief.

When we remember the steadfast love and faithfulness of God, we can truly experience joy because the God who was faithful before will be faithful now. The greatest of these acts of faithfulness is the arrival of Jesus on earth, who has become our source of salvation.


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