Compiled by Scott Bodell

Our primary call is a call to relationship with our Creator. You cannot be called to something without a caller calling you. If we are to follow a calling as human beings, it can only come from God.

The Purpose of Life

Purpose is commonly pondered/explored. What is your purpose in life and how does it contrast with popular views for purpose in today’s society?

Breaking Away

Abram was required to make a radical departure from society. “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household.” (Genesis 12:1) Even his name was changed. Abraham was called to become a great nation, the people of God, so that in him all families of this earth would be blessed.  But first, he had to break away.

We Christians in the West do not experience persecution like the early church, or Christians in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Western Christianity has lost the distinctiveness that makes us the salt and the light that Jesus called us to be.

Our primary call requires us to break away from worldly things, no matter the cost, so we can be made anew. When you think about God’s call to you, in light of what He has required of those who live his way and then look at your life and way of life, is God is calling you to break away?

Freedom in Following God’s Call

We live in a victim culture, where we avoid taking responsibility for our actions. This is human nature, shown throughout the Bible, going back to Adam, then Cain, the Tower of Babel, and so on. This changed with Abraham, the “father of the faithful,” when he was the first to respond to God’s call. 

We are responsible to the call, and God is using us to restore the world and bring the good news of His deliverance. 

How do we gain freedom by being responsible to God? 


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