In What Am I Participating?

Be My Witnesses

I am participating with God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in the renewal of Creation. I am a messenger, delivering the proclamation of Jesus as our eternal king. The kingdom ruled by Jesus is not yet fully visible, but has begun to reveal itself. It is revealed when we are kind, generous, patient, peaceful, loving, gentle, when we experience joy and when we demonstrate self-control.

Life is filled with battles, small and large, in which we must claim the victory already won by Jesus. We face our enemies, which are unseen: hate, deceit, pride, envy, lust, shame, and anything that seeks to steel your joy and peace. We face these enemies, we stare them down with the proclamation that Jesus is the king! Those who oppose Him must bow their knee.

You and I are participating with God, for it is through humanity that the renewal of Creation will continue. Take responsibility for your role in this process. Care deeply for others and for yourself. Listen to the voice of God in each moment when you are faced with the decision to either bow your knee to the enemy, or to make the enemy bow their knee to Jesus!

I am participating with you, as we face these enemies together. I will remind you, and you will remind me of these things: that our King is Jesus, and we are His children and His messengers.

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