Follow God's Call

God speaks to us in words, and our responsibility as his creatures is to listen, to trust, and to obey those words… [this] is missing among many followers of Christ today. The result is a casualness in faith and a slackness in behavior that show no sign of having listened to any call from Sinai or Galilee, let alone Calvary.

Os Guinness, The Call, 64 (Nelson, 2003)

What is the call from Sinai that Guinness is referring to?

What about Galilee? Calvary?

Would you agree that there has been a “casualness in faith and a slackness in behaviour” in recent years that minimize the importance of God’s call? Can you think of an example in your own life?

‘The response of the disciples is an act of obedience, not a confession of faith in Jesus.’ They did not consider his claims, make up their minds, and then decide to follow–they simply heard and obeyed.

Os Guinness, The Call, 65 (Nelson, 2003)

What is the difference between obedience and confession?

How does familiarity with Jesus and the Gospel cause a casualness and slackness, as mentioned above?

What can we do to turn this around in our own lives?

Guinness refers to Martin Luther as someone who “feared God more than he feared the emperor.” (The Call, 67 [2003])

How can you follow in Luther’s example today?



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