Boat in Storm

We are in a time of opportunity.

In the midst of uncertainty, it may be easy to just shut down and wait for the storm to pass. But this is not the example set by Jesus.

In the midst of the storm, Jesus calmed the storm. This is our call. To be calmers of the storm. We carry with us the very presence of Jesus, who is our peace. Now is an opportunity to be a source of peace and stability in our communities, neighbourhoods and families.

Andy Crouch wrote an excellent, albeit lengthy, article along these lines. Here is a quote:

A leader’s responsibility, as circumstances around us change, is to speak, live, and make decisions in such a way that the horizons of possibility move towards shalom, flourishing for everyone in our sphere of influence, especially the vulnerable.

Andy Crouch,

Shalom is our goal. What it looks like is people who are so confident in our identity and eternal destination, that nothing can shake our commitment to love and grace. When others are swarming in a panic to stockpile toilet paper, we are sharing ours with others because we know we can live without it.

The question to ask yourself in this time of uncertainty is not, “How can I stay safe and maintain my normal?” Rather, the question is, “How can I help others stay safe and bring shalom to their lives?”

Start with the people closest to you. Your spouse, children, grandchildren, neighbours, community. Is there peace in your home? Is there peace in your children’s homes? Is there peace in your neighbourhood? Community?

Talk to others about how you can work together to be a source of peace and stability. There is good chance loneliness will emerge. Call those that you know are home by themselves. Ask how you can help. Maybe some people just need to talk.

If you want to dig deeper into this topic, on a very practical way, I encourage you to read Andy Crouch’s article:

I encourage you, as the writer to the Hebrews did, to not give up meeting together during this time (Hebrews 10:25). Of course, meeting together will look different at the moment. There is no shame in practicing an overabundance of caution. But, now more than ever, we need each other.



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