When you are alone, and there is no one holding you responsible for your actions, what motivates you to behave “properly”?

Your answer to this question points to your foundation for morality. To whom, or for what, are you responsible? You may say something like “the Bible” or “God.” Or, you may say that you are responsible to society, your marriage, or others who may depend on you.

But, the fact is, there is no solid foundation for moral responsibility except the foundation of the calling of God. And even that can be misunderstood. We are not responsible to our calling. We are responsible to God. The calling, as is express by Os Guinness, is an outworking of our responsibility.

When the buck stops, it stops with how you have responded to God. This is why it is so fundamentally important to know God and know His Character, His passions, and His love.

So, when you are alone, and there is no accountability for your behaviour, what will motivate you to “good” behaviour? And, why?

I am asking, along with Os Guinness, that your motivation be the very presence of God with you in that place. And your “why” is because you want to honour God, and be in the best possible condition to live according to the call of God in your life.

Like an athlete, your every action will predict your performance. If you are struggling with living our God’s call in your life, consider your behaviour when no one is looking, when you don’t have a coach present. Are you behaving with the discipline and dedication of someone who wants to do their very best? Or, are you satisfied with simply participating in the game of life?


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