Exercising Restraint

Believe it or not, I actually have to exercise restraint when it comes to content creation online. If I could, I would turn that webcam on, hit the live stream button, and chat with people all day. Maybe I will one day.

Or, I could write 3, 4, or 5 articles a day, with all the ideas I have floating around in my head. The funny thing is, the more I create, the more ideas I come up with.

The reason I exercise restraint is because I want to be consistent with the type of content I publish. I want to make sure people know what they are getting when they see that I’ve posted something.

My focus is on inspiring creators to do what they are passionate about doing. I want all of my content to surround this subject.

This means I don’t publish all of my ideas. And this is key for creating content with the goal of building a business. People need to know what they are getting in order to decide whether or not they want to consume your content regularly.

I ask myself lately, what impression will people get from this piece of content? Will they be confused? I don’t always make the best decisions, but I’m trying to be more consistent.

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