When John Piper Answered My Stupid Question

In March, 2013, I and a small group of Prairie students drove down to Minneapolis to attend John Piper’s TULIP Seminar. I have always been a little skeptical about the TULIP doctrine, so I thought it might be helpful to hear John Piper explain it, as I admire him and consider him to be a pastor worthy of imitating.

Throughout the seminar, the Desiring God twitter feed was accepting questions and Dr. Piper tried to answer some of them. I sent in this question:

Dr. Piper was gracious enough to answer my question, even though the answer was incredibly obvious. In fact, he went even further and addressed the core issue of my question: pride. Listen to this podcast audio to hear his response.

NOTE: this audio is an unedited excerpt from Desiring God. The original, full-length content can be found at the Desiring God website. The excerpt can be found at the 39:50 mark of session 5.

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