What Is My Purpose

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How to Avoid the Pride Trap

If you are fortunate enough to have a strong sense of personal calling or talent or giftedness, one of the great temptations will be pride. It is common for great leaders to think of themselves and what they are doing as a gift to the world. Os Guinness writes, One of the most common, subtle, …

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Calling is the Outworking of Your Response-ability to God

When you are alone, and there is no one holding you responsible for your actions, what motivates you to behave “properly”? Your answer to this question points to your foundation for morality. To whom, or for what, are you responsible? You may say something like “the Bible” or “God.” Or, you may say that you …

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What Is Your Default?

We all have a default mode of operation. It’s how we operate in the moments when nothing is expected of us. When we are alone, on vacation, on a Saturday night or a Sunday afternoon. These are times when the demands have slowed to the point at which we may consider it to be “down …

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In Crisis, the Purpose Remains. The Method Changes.

Historically, adversity is a familiar experience for the church. It has come in many forms, yet the church remains strong and growing. This is due to the eternal purpose given to us by Jesus: to know His ways, and to always be discipling until every tribe, tongue and nation has heard the gospel. In the …

Apple Tree
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Becoming What We Are Not Yet

This teaching is a continuation of an ongoing theme that seeks to set a foundation for discovering your purpose. It may sound repetitive, but it is meant to reinforce a very elusive concept that followers of Jesus tend to forget constantly. “Calling is not only a matter of being and doing what we are but …

Follow God's Call
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Listen to, Trust in, and Obey God’s Call

God speaks to us in words, and our responsibility as his creatures is to listen, to trust, and to obey those words… [this] is missing among many followers of Christ today. The result is a casualness in faith and a slackness in behavior that show no sign of having listened to any call from Sinai …

Psalm 37:4
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The Importance of a Caller

Beware of anything that competes with loyalty to Jesus Christ. The greatest competitor of devotion to Jesus is service for Him… The one aim of the call of God is the satisfaction of God, not a call to do something for Him. Oswald Chambers When considering your calling, it is vital not to overlook this …

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Our Calling – Purpose and Breaking Away

Compiled by Scott Bodell Our primary call is a call to relationship with our Creator. You cannot be called to something without a caller calling you. If we are to follow a calling as human beings, it can only come from God. The Purpose of Life Purpose is commonly pondered/explored. What is your purpose in …