I began my time at Prairie with the intention of going through the three year Bachelor of Ministry degree. After my first semester, I transferred into the four year Bachelor of Arts degree program, majoring in Pastoral Ministry. The change means I must complete an internship related to my program.

My first choice was to go back home to Winkler and complete my internship at Maranatha Christian Fellowship. It was decided by the church that an internship there would not be ideal. Although I am disappointed that I will not do my internship there, I have the highest respect for their decision and am grateful for the thoughtful process through which they made the decision.

My second choice was to find a larger church near Three Hills. However, after a few conversations with my Program Advisor and others at Prairie, an idea came up that seemed ideal for our family situation and for what I think will contribute to my educational experience.

The internship I have now begun at Prairie is being referred to as a “Higher Administration” or “Presidential” Internship. I will be spending the next year working alongside Mark Maxwell, the President of Prairie, and Glenn Loewen, the Academic Dean. These are both men I have gained incredible respect for as I have been studying at Prairie. Glenn is currently my faculty advisor in my role as Student Body President, and he has been a tremendous influence on my life in my short time here.

One of the unique aspects to this internship is that it has never been done before at Prairie. So, the details of what I will be doing are somewhat uncertain. The desire is that I will get firsthand experience in leading a non-profit Christian organization. I consider this to be far more than I could have ever imagined for my internship, and I am grateful to Mark and Glenn for being willing to make this a possibility.

Please pray for us as we embark on this experience together. My hope is that I will not only earn valuable skills and knowledge, but that I will actually be able to contribute in a way that will benefit Prairie far beyond my time here.

Thank you for your support and prayers!


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