Acts of Christian Obedience

This is “part 3” on the topic of obedience.

Here are some key acts of obedience I have found to be part of the sanctification process of a Christian. Some may call these christian or spiritual disciplines, which is fine, however my approach here is less about practicing disciplines and more about responding to life in general with a spirit of obedience to God.

What is Your Hope?

From the sermon I preached at Linden Alliance Church on July 3.

Have you ever thought to yourself, if only…? If only I could have a different job, or have more vacation time. Or maybe you can’t wait for things to be over with so you can move on. Maybe you are in high school or college and things will just be better once you are done school. Maybe your kids are at an age that makes life difficult and you think it will get better once they get out of this stage…