Wonder Studio LogoAt the beginning of this year I announced the launch of Wonder Studio, a video production company I was starting. I’d like to simply provide an update on where things are at.

It was quite a busy summer with weddings, events, concerts and some corporate work. Some highlights were the Winkler Harvest Festival, Meltdown to Madness music festival and a wedding I did for a friend in Edmonton. I bought a bunch of equipment and learned a lot about various filming and editing techniques.

I am finishing up the last few wedding videos over the next couple weeks, then it’s on to what will hopefully be a busy Christmas season. Upcoming projects include The Block Party in Morden, Operation Overflow music festival and the Manitoba Youth Ministry Conference.

I have also moved my main office to my home and am only spending about 12 hours per week at the Pixels office. Although I am still Pixels’ main developer, I decided to spend less time at their office simply to be able to focus more and have more flexibility with my time.

That about sums it up for now. Check out my YouTube channel for regular video updates.

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