The Foundation of a Wise Person

A person prays daily, preaches powerfully gives generously, evangelizes effectively, memorizes scripture faithfully.

What do you think? Wise or foolish?

This could describe a wise man, right? What about a foolish man? What words would you use to describe that? For Jesus, the same words can describe both the wise and the foolish.

It’s because these words describe a house. They don’t describe a foundation. These are not foundational things. They’re important. But they’re not the foundation.

You see, the the house of the wise man and the house of the foolish man may look exactly alike. What is visible can look identical. It is only what is hidden that makes a difference.

Good morals and strong discipline do not automatically mean wisdom in the eyes of Jesus. Jesus wants his followers to be obedient to God. But obedience goes deeper than behaviour. True obedience to God has roots deep in our soul. It has far more more to do with our affections, with our desires and our passions than it has to do with mere discipline and resolve.

The one who is truly wise is poor in spirit. The wise person knows himself as he is known by God. He sees his sin, his guilt, his shame and he weeps. He sees the cross and the blood and the death of Jesus and he knows he has been made clean by no effort of his own. The wise man is aware of his lostness and the wrath of God that he deserves. He sees the utter inability to help himself. He meditates upon this vision of himself until he is filled with the peace and joy and the Spirit of Jesus.

His soul is thirsty for the majesty of Jesus. He is hungry for the glory of God. He loves the Lord with all his heart, with all his mind, his soul and his strength. He who is wise will face hardship, and persecution with exceeding gladness, knowing in whom he believes. He is assured that these light and momentary afflictions will work out for him an eternal weight of glory. The wise man knows himself to be an eternal spirit, which has been born of God.

Let your hope be found in the unshakeable salvation of Jesus Christ. Let your life be shaped by the righteousness that comes through the Spirit. What is filling your heart? What captivates your imagination? What drives your passions? Is it a love and gratitude for Jesus? The difference between those who are wise and those who are foolish is found only in the heart. None of us can judge it. We must know ourselves. We must be honest with ourselves.

What is filling your heart? Is it filled with self righteous pride? Then your foundation is sand. Is it filled with a hunger for the righteousness of Christ? Then your foundation is a rock.

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