Can You Fly Me To The Moon Daddy?

A little story about an ambitious little boy.

Caleb was sitting at the kitchen table next to me. Looking out the window, he suddenly asked me the most interesting question: “I would sure like to go to the moon. Can you fly me to the moon Daddy?”

I responded, “Maybe one day we can go to the moon, but it will cost lot’s of money.”

“How much money?” he asked.

“Millions and millions of dollars.”

Caleb looked back outside at the moon with anticipation. I tried to bring him back to reality by explaining that it will take a long time to save that much money.

“But we do have millions of dollars! Remember the garage sale? We got lots of money at the garage sale!” he responded with innocent assurance that we could soon go to the moon.

“Sorry, Caleb, that wasn’t quite enough money to fly us to the moon.”

“Awe, but Anika, and Evan have some money in their piggy banks. We might have enough!” He was not going to give up that easily.

I continued to try and help him understand the math and logic about the situation, but his dreams are bigger than logic. I love that boy.

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