George MacDonald on Dryness

God does not, by the instant gift of His Spirit, make us always feel right, desire good, love purity, aspire after Him and His Will. Therefore either He will not, or He cannot. If He will not, it must be because it would not be well to do so. If He cannot, then he would not if He could… The truth is: He wants to make us in His own image, choosing the good, refusing the evil. 

In times of spiritual dryness, when I don’t feel like acting christian, I am under the impression that God has removed Himself from me. However, I don’t think dryness is something that is a result of God leaving me or me leaving God. My understanding is that dryness is allowed by God and is a result of emotional instability that is part of humanness. God could disallow dryness in a faithful followers, but, just as MacDonald states, disallowing dryness would be contrary to the purpose of human will, which is very clearly an important characteristic of the Creation.

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